Baseline studies

The results of the EU projects BEAGINS, NorthSEE and MASPNOSE and the outcome of the Subgroup on Environmental Assessment Framework (CEAF) will be the starting point for the baseline study. CEAF is a subgroup of the Support Group on MSP of the North Sea Energy Cooperation.

The outcome of Simcelt, Simnorat, Simwestmed and Supreme will also be taken into account. This will complete the EU picture of MSP projects developed under the umbrella of DG MARE since 2016. Some of the activities in Work Package 2 will deliver information to or get information from the baseline study.


The following activities are included in this Work Package:

  1. Prepare a study with an overview of current practice on SEA and the overlap and differences between member states. See for the results the  inventory in this report (pdf, 555 kB).
  2. Development of a coherent approach for SEA with a focus on renewable energy in MSP, including cross-border alignment and cumulative impacts.
  3. Description of methods for assessing the impact of renewable energy on other uses than renewable energy, applied by participating countries. Criteria used to prevent or mitigate negative impacts (such as safety distance between shipping routes and multiple fixed objects) will be considered.
  4. Prepare a baseline study report including a coherent approach for SEA and design criteria (related to location, land-sea interactions etc.) for allocation of renewable energy plants.