Here you find an overview of events. Both events from the past as future events.

Future events

  • The Final Conference of SEANSE is scheduled for 9 and 10th January 2020 (midday to midday) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Soon after the Conference, the final report of SEANSE will be published. This will be a short summary report with links to the underlying full reports (which are available from the downloads page).

Past events

  • The evaluation workshop on methods and models was held in Hamburg, 21-23 October 2019. Both BSH (Germany) and RWS (The Netherlands) are currently involved in testing the first prototype of the CEAF tool as part of the SEANSE project, comprising of a selection of models and methods for the assessment of cumulative effects. Apart from learning from international cooperation in developing and using a common tool the aim of this workshop is to evaluate the suitablility of the tool for comparing different scenarios for offshore wind farm development in their (potential) cumulative impact on four species of seabirds and one species of marine mammals.
  • On 22nd of May 2019, the CPMR organised, in conjunction with Shom, a knowledge-sharing workshop on the challenges of maritime spatial planning in the North Sea area, focusing on the French/Belgium region, in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • The Opening Conference for which also stakeholders were invited, was held on July 5th 2018 in Brussels. The report of this Conference is available via the downloads page.
  • The Wind Europe days were held on 25 -28 September 2018 in Hamburg. During these days, attention was also given to the work of SEANSE. See also the Wind Europe 2018 Conference.