Objectives and goals

The general objective of this project is: "To develop a coherent (logical and well-organised) approach to Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs) with a focus on renewable energy in support of the development and effective implementation of MSPs." The objective will be met by achieving the following goals:

  1. Develop a coherent approach to SEAs, with a focus on renewable energy and test it in practice through three case studies.
  2. Create a coherent understanding of how and when to use a SEA as a support tool for decision-making in MSP through knowledge transfer and information exchange between North Sea countries.
  3. Demonstrate the benefits of the implementation of a coherent SEA approach for the preparation of national MSPs.
  4. Facilitate the efficient implementation of the "Political Declaration on Energy Cooperation between the North Seas Countries" which was signed by nine countries around the North Seas in June 2016. The Declaration supports the growth of the use of wind energy at the North Sea for renewable energy production and acknowledges the increasing spatial competition between different functions of the North Sea.